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Transfer Process: Updated 11/5/2020

Read this page carefully. Information on this page may change without notice. Please check back periodically for the latest information. 

We are able to assist you with your firearm or NFA item transfer. We only accept transfers from licensed FFL and SOT holders. We DO NOT accept or execute private party transfers.

Do not ship a firearm to us without contacting us first. We reserve the right to reject all firearms shipped to us without our knowledge or consent.


The following are the basic steps we will assist you with during the transfer process:

Step 1: You must contact us and obtain approval prior to shipping your firearm or NFA item to us.

Step 2: Select "IMAIGKA Corporation" as your FFL destination. The seller or sender must hold a valid FFL.

Step 3: Instruct the seller to contact us at to request a copy of our FFL.

Step 4: Obtain all shipping and tracking numbers from the seller and email them to us along with a copy of your receipt to Doing so will assist in ensuring proper delivery.

Step 5: After your item has arrived and we have executed our internal paperwork we will contact you to schedule an appointment for you to execute your portion of the paperwork, collect all fees and taxes, and perform the background check. If you purchased an NFA item, additional paperwork is required. We can discuss this with you via email or on the phone.

Please Note:

If the seller or sender of your item does not collect Nevada sales tax, we are required by the state of Nevada to collect sales tax (see Nevada Department of Taxation Tax Bulletin SUT 15-0001).

For those who do not have a current Nevada CCW, the Nevada Departement of Public Safety is roughly 3-5 days behind with the NICS background checks. Once your paperwork is complete, we will fax it to NV DPS. When the background check is complete NV DPS will contact us with the required information to complete your paperwork.

Step 6: After your background check comes back as a "Proceed", we will contact you to set up an appointment for you to recertify your paperwork and to pick up your firearm(s) or other NFA items to enjoy safely and responsibly.

Clear as mud? You may click here to initiate your transfer request or to ask us questions.

**Information on this page may change without notice. Please check back periodically for the latest information.**