Ten Resources

Here are ten resources to help individuals become better and safer users and owners of firearms: 

  1. NRA's Basic Firearm Training Courses - The National Rifle Association offers a range of courses designed to teach firearm safety and responsible gun ownership. These courses cover topics like gun safety, basic shooting skills, and the different types of firearms. 
  2. Gun Safety Rules - Familiarize yourself with the basic rules of gun safety, which include keeping your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot, always pointing the gun in a safe direction, and treating every gun as if it were loaded. 
  3. Gun Owners of America - Gun Owners of America is a non-profit organization that advocates for gun rights and provides resources to help gun owners stay informed about firearm laws and regulations. 
  4. USCCA - The United States Concealed Carry Association is a membership organization that provides resources for gun owners, including training courses, legal protection, and self-defense training. 
  5. Gun Safety Alliance - The Gun Safety Alliance is a non-profit organization that focuses on gun safety education and advocacy. They offer resources for both gun owners and non-gun owners, including information on gun laws and safety tips. 
  6. State Firearms Laws - It's important to be familiar with the laws governing firearms in your state. The NRA provides a comprehensive guide to state firearms laws on their website. 
  7. Gun Range Safety Rules - If you plan to shoot at a gun range, make sure to familiarize yourself with the specific safety rules for that range. These rules will typically cover things like how to handle firearms, when to load and unload, and what to do in case of an emergency. 
  8. Gun Training Videos - There are many instructional videos available online that cover a wide range of firearm-related topics, including safety, shooting techniques, and maintenance. 
  9. Firearm Storage - Proper firearm storage is essential for safety. Consider investing in a gun safe or other secure storage solution to keep your firearms out of reach of children and unauthorized individuals. 
  10. Firearm Maintenance - Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure that your firearms function properly and remain safe to use. Many firearm manufacturers provide instructional guides for maintenance and cleaning.

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